12 Reasons We Love Troye Sivan



Who is the angel with good bone structure that is Troye Sivan. He’s a pop star, but he’s breaking pretty much every stereotype out there. Except for being insanely pretty. Here are our fave things about the Australian-South African singer.


1. Because he is an inspiration for the LGBT community and isn’t afraid to speak his truth.

He’s our first mainstream gay pop artist in a sea of Taylor Swifts
and Justin Biebers. Plus, that smoldering accent helps him stand out.


3. Because he’s super goofy, but equally confident – if you looked like that, how could you not be?

4. Because he made that adorable “boyfriend’ tag video with Tyler Oakley back in 2014, which earned him a Teen Choice awards.


Because he’s cool with being considered effeminately, boyishly
handsome and rocks it so well – youthful Leo in Titanic, anyone?


6. He’s the star of “Boy Erased” an LGBT coming out film where his co-stars will be Nicole Kidman and Russell Crowe.

7. Because he’s a fashion icon we Stan as well as music icon. Sivan has acted as the face of Valentino’s Menswear, walked the YSL runway, modeled for American Eagle and been on the cover of V Magazine


He’s dedicated to his family and it’s them first. Troye takes his
parents on tour with him and die-hard fans often spot them in the

But even though he takes his parents on tour, on’t get us wrong –
he’s still a party animal! He’s said that even though he was
overwhelmed by NYC, it’s a “crazy place to party.” Not only do
we believe him, but we want to come with!


Because he’s the epitome of every boy crush we had back in the day.
Baby smooth skin, tousled bed head, those dreamy eyes…but he’s a
modern version of all of those classic tropes, which is even better!

Despite being blessed with such good looks, he doesn’t have a big
ego, instead remaining grateful and humble rather than acting like a
snobby A-lister. Every time he thanks the audience frothier support,
we believe him.

Because he’s a perfectly imperfect pop star. He reminds us that he
has flaws just like everyone else, and not to live up to anyone
else’s expectation of you – just be yourself and be happy doing



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