10 Day of the Dead Makeup Ideas



might have heard of Halloween, but there’s another little known
scary holiday called Dia de los Muertos, which takes place on
November 2. Otherwise known as Day of the Dead, this Mexican holiday
involves praying for and remembering friends and family members who
have passed on to the next realm, helping them along their spiritual


This look is like an angel meets skeleton – the pale, ghostly
facial and lip makeup pairs with an unusual green eyeshadow and
simple black lining for a minimal, soft, and memorable look.


Not committed to going full skull? This half look extends onto the
neck and incorporates amber bejeweling around sparkly gold shadow,
blue detailing, and alluring false lashes to finish it off.


3. A deep gold metallic shadow and a forehead tarantula make this sugar skull look one of our top pics. The gold makes your eyes pop, and pairs especially well with the netting face lace detail.


4. This look involves more bronzer than makeup! Instead of painting her face white, she made it glow with a golden tint, focusing instead on design details around the eyes, chin, and lips, with a clever cheekbone accentuation.


5. This look lets the color blue shine instead of white, with the color dominating eye, lip and chin detailing. It’s not as frightening as some other skull looks, and even features a pretty blue flower on the chin.


Looking to match with your bestie? This is like friendship bracelets
but better. Complete one half of the same skull on the opposite side
of your faces, so that when you stand side by side, it looks like you
complete each other. Try with different color schemes like these two


7. This is a full mask inspired by a half mask. By combining two different looks, you can let your eyebrow stenciling shine, while having the dark side engulf you eye in a dramatic gold. He lips have a burgundy ombre effect going on, while a white cobweb with red points completes the look.


We’ve never seen anything as delicate and finely detailed as this
all-white look that blends skeleton and snow queen, complete with
pearl eye detailing. So fancy!


This look uses silver and gold to create a shimmering yet warm piece
of art. Gold lipstick and bronzer blends with silver hues and wisps
that almost look like smoke for a sultry look that lets all your
angles shine. The vertebrae detail on the front of the neck is the
icing on the cake.


10. Pouty lipped babes will love this red and black look. The black on the eye can be dramatic so opt for matte instead of a shiny shadow. The red chin detail and curves of the lip line adds some va-va-voom for a timeless but inspired makeup application.