15 Top Benefits of Yoga



From helping you sleep
better at night to improving your overall health, yoga can be an enlightening
form of exercise that makes you feel better on the outside and the inside,
providing attainable results without injuring your body.


1. It can help you prevent
osteoporosis, as it includes weight-bearing exercise. Women are naturally prone
to brittle bone disease, so strengthen yourself from the inside out with yoga.

2. It can improve your
immunity system. Getting a flu shot sucks, but yoga is actually fun.


3. It’s a non-competitive
sport. You progress at your own pace, and there’s no hierarchy or belt system
to make you feel bad about your progress.

4. It has gastrointestinal
benefits – if you suffer from digestive problems, regularly practicing yoga can
improve it.


5. If you have asthma or
other respiratory issues, yoga can help solve them with exercising. Here are
even a whole set of breathing exercises in yoga. Talk to your physician before
you decide to use yoga as breathe therapy.

6. It can be done by
pregnant women – a lot of workouts can’t be continued into late trimesters, but
those who safely practice yoga while pregnant experience better deliveries and


7. It can help long term
with pain management and chronic pain. Since it’s not a drug, everyone from
young to old (even those with health limitations) can do yoga. People suffering
from joint or back pain can benefit.

8. It can provide cardio
while also acting as strength training, often using your own body weight as
resistance. Especially if you opt for hot yoga!


9. It’s a great way to make
friends with the same mentality – not just the same fitness goals, but the same
POV, as yoga can encourage a Zen and laidback state of mind.

10. You can practice yoga
anywhere – whereas some gym workouts require lots of equipment our heavy
machinery, yoga can be done at home, in the park, or on vacation, usually with
no props.


11. Although it promotes
flexibility and alignment, it provides tight abs and a round, firm bum. Bikini
body and improved overall health? The best of both worlds!

12. It’s a wonderful
gateway exercise – practicing yoga often makes people want to be healthier in
other areas, including diet and quitting smoking.

13. It helps to remedy
balance issues that cause be solved by inner ear, as well as improving posture.

14. It’s a solid add-on to
existing workout routine without adding impact, and while keeping you limber.
If your workout is lacking a stretching portion, yoga might be the perfect

15. It improves your mental
clarity and concentration. Studies even show that it can treat and prevent
Alzheimer’s disease.