6 Things You Need To Know About Eyebrow Threading


Close-up of female face during eyebrow correction procedure

There is a lot of talk about eyebrows because they’re the main feature of your face now. It’s funny how in the 90s they were tweezed out of existence, in the 2000s, no one really cared about them, and now we all try to make them as bushy and big as possible. We buy serums to make them grow, tint them, draw them in with eyebrow pencils, brush them into place and if we have little to work with – we microblade them in. But while we totally understand that making sure they’re big and beautiful is important – the shape of them matters too. You don’t want a super messy brow that grows into your hairline. So you have to shape them and remove those extra hairs that grow out of place. And that’s where threading comes in. Today we’re going to tell you all about eyebrow threading and why it’s the best thing ever.


Threading is a technique of removing unwanted hair with the help of a thread. It’s extremely precise and is perfect for small areas like the face. Threading seems to be the new shiny thing for us, but it has been used for hair removal in Asia for centuries.


works by using a cotton thread tied in a look and twisted in the
middle. The twisted bit is what pulls the hairs out from the root. A
professional threader can be incredibly quick and precise and achieve
any eyebrow shape with ease. But everyone can learn how to do this at

it just takes practice.


Let’s be real, all types of hair removal apart from shaving are painful. But shaving doesn’t last long and leaves bumps, so that’s why we’re here. Threading is the gentlest and least painful option when it comes to shaping your eyebrows. There’s no chance of pulling your skin which is common with waxing and sometimes happens with tweezing. So it’s just the hair being pulled from the root.


beauty of threading is that you don’t have to grow out your
unwanted eyebrow hairs to get them threaded. Threading will remove
even the smallest of hairs, which is why it’s superior to waxing
and tweezing.


you’re pulling the hair from the root it’ll take a while for your
hair to grow back. The result should last about 4 to 5 weeks, so you
will only have to thread once a month. But make sure you explain the
exact shape you want and which parts you’re growing out when you
book the appointment, because you know, it’ll take a while to grow


Since you’re not using any chemicals or even natural ingredients like waxing or sugaring on your skin – it’s safe even for the most sensitive skin. You’re just using a cotton thread so there’s no allergic reaction possible. The only thing that can happen is slight redness from the hair pulling for a couple of minutes after the procedure, but you can apply a cooling aloe vera gel to combat that.