Everything You Need to Know About Sugaring



There are many ways to
get rid of unwanted hair out there. You can wax, shave, laser, thread, and many
others. But today we’re going to talk about sugaring. It’s one of the most natural
and least harmful ways of removing unwanted hair. It’s very popular all over
the world and pretty much anyone can do it on most areas of your body. It’s
also very cheap if you do it yourself because you can literally make the
sugaring mixture with ingredients you already have at home. Here’s everything
you need to know about sugaring.


Sugaring is an ancient
hair removal technique that goes back thousands of years. Technically even
Cleopatra used sugaring to get rid of unwanted hair. It’s a very gentle and
effective way of removing body hair. The sugaring paste is made up of three
simple ingredients: sugar, water and lemon juice. It can be easily made at home
or you can buy premade sugaring wax from various companies. It’s completely
water-soluble, unlike wax. But just like wax it gets rid of hair by pulling it
out by the root.


There are two main kinds
of sugaring pastes. Hard and soft. The hard one is thick but malleable, it’s
used on its own. The soft one is more liquid and requires you to use a spatula
to spread it and cloth strips to rip the hair out.


The sugaring paste is
made from natural ingredients and is hypoallergenic. It’s also more hygienic
because there’s no double-dipping when using the thicker paste. Sugaring is
also more gentle on the skin because the paste only adheres to the hair and not
to the skin, so you can go over the same areas multiple times, unlike with wax,
where you can only go over the same are once or you risk damaging your skin and
causing bruises.


When using the sugaring
paste you just heat it up in a microwave a bit so it’s malleable but not hot to
the touch, then grab a bit and form it into a ball. You then spread that ball
of sugaring paste onto your skin going against the direction of the hair
growth, leaving a tab to pull on. Hold your skin taut and pull in the direction
of the limp, horizontally. You can use the same ball of sugaring paste a few
times. It’s generally enough for one limb. When you’re done it’ll look a bit
gross with all the hairs trapped in it. You throw it away and get a new bit of
sugaring paste to continue. The minimal length of hair for sugaring is about
0,5 cm. Do not exfoliate before sugaring. The procedure itself is quite
exfoliating on its own. It’ll remove hair and dead skin cells at the same time.


After sugaring, you will
have at least 2 or 3 weeks of no regrowth. The hair was pulled out by the root,
so it takes a while to grow back. Also, over time you will see less and less
regrowth overall because some of the hair follicles will just stop growing
hairs. The hairs that will grow back will become thinner and lighter with time.


You can use sugaring to remove hair on almost all of your body. It’s perfect for arms, legs, stomach, back and even the bikini line. It’s also great for removing peach fuzz from your face. The only area we would not really recommend you do on your own is your eyebrows because it requires precision. You can even get a full Brazilian sugaring but we recommend you go to a professional for that.