What You Need to Know About Hydrafacial Treatments



beauty fads pop up everyday, with some being great for your skin and
others actually having little to no impact at all. But one new trend
in skincare might be here to stay: hydrafacial treatments. Many have
said it works wonders on their skin, and it has already become one of
the go-to treatments for several celebrities. Wondering what
hydrafacial treatments are all about? Here are a few things you need
to know about hydrafacial treatments. 


a four step process, the hydrafacial aims to clear pores and also
hydrate skin at the same time. The four steps used to achieve this
include cleanings, exfoliating, extracting and then hydrating. 


show that every 15 seconds, someone somewhere in the world is getting
a hydrafacial treatment. This equates to about 2 million treatments
given in one year. 


Whether you’re middle aged hoping to diminish wrinkles or a teen trying to ward off acne, this treatment is beneficial for everyone. It can even be used for treating sun damage and pre-cancerous spots on the skin.


hydrafacial is initiated with removing dead skin cells from the skin.
This allows a clean palette for a salicylic and glycolic acid mix to
be applied to the skin. This will bust up dirt and pore clogging oil.
The HydraPeel Tip, which is shaped like a pen, is used to vacuum out
blackheads and dirt while hydrating and plumping the skin. 


hydrafacial is said to be effective in reducing wrinkles, evening
tone and texture, brightening complexion, and reducing pore size. 


fans of the hydrafacial report very minimal side effects, or none at
all. This is why the treatment has become so popular. Its also
catching on because there is essentially no down time needed
post-surgery. Practitioners say that you can begin wearing make up or
resuming your regular routine by the next morning. 

are now offered in several different businesses, from resorts to
local spas, all varying in price and added luxury. The great news is,
no matter if you are at a five-star hotel or visiting the esthetician
around the corner, the results are typically consistent, and in a
great way. 

There aren’t many in-office skin treatments that will yield results in a matter of minutes. But this is the case with hydrafacial. Within 30 minutes or less, patients can expect to see a noticeable improvement with the texture and tone of their skin. It is also known for giving that last minute glow that so many hope to achieve before a big event or a night on the town. This is another major reason you will hear about the biggest celebs utilizing a hydrafacial right before a red carpet premiere.